Heartwarming commentary from my amazing students and their parents 🙂


“Julay helped our two young girls find deep satisfaction learning to play piano music, read music, and even see how music is composed. With serious effort, she helped with pieces that were songs we loved. Of course it started out sorta simple. But in a few years Julay helped bring about songs for them I suggested that weren’t always quite in the books. For example, she helped with a rare Horace Silver song and a Ellington/Sinatra tune that we only had jazz guitar charts an old friend’s Dad had made for me. She listened to these two songs she didn’t know and wrote out great piano charts for them to learn. She listened to the very hip piano solo of the Horace Silver tune and even wrote a good portion of it out for my kid. It was pretty cool. I was seriously pleased.

She is really good at engaging kids and being supportive. My kids were really comfortable with her always. She even helped go out of the piano part of her teaching for them one time and helped me write out a cello part for a spiritual guitar based song I wrote for my mother. (My kids were simultaneously in a Chinese orchestra for a while and knew simple cello.) And she helped fill in a little piano part since both kids played cello on it at the recital. It turned out really nice.

You can let her handle it all. But if you’re creative and think of unusual things, she’ll likely be up for the challenge.
We always enjoyed the recitals she set up listening to her students at the end of each semester.
We were truly blessed to have her teach our kids.”

– Jengiz Haas & Claudia Hung-Haas


“Julay taught me for seven years, mostly piano, with a little bit of guitar, bass and singing mixed in. She taught me not only how to play, but how to immerse myself in the music and embrace real musicianship. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist who will integrate and balance the requests of the parent with the interest of the student. She has an open-minded, positive, constructive and playful teaching style. She was always reliable and professional in terms of scheduling and billing, a delight to work with. We highly recommend Julay as a music teacher!”

– Ellington Davis (student) with Susan Miller-Davis (parent), Piedmont, CA


“Ms. Julay began teaching me piano when I was 6 years old. Although I couldn’t appreciate it then, Ms. Julay was the perfect fit for me. She gently encourages kids while others may intimidate, and she fosters a genuine love for music based on self-motivated discovery. Under her guidance, I have learned to play all kinds of piano pieces, from Debussy’s ‘The Sunken Cathedral’ to Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Minor to Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Ms. Julay’s piano lessons have given me the opportunity to play piano in the pit of my school’s musical and even find a job as a piano tutor. Piano has become a form of expression for me, a true passion, and for this I can thank Ms. Julay’s unique approach to music teaching.”

– Keith Sibal