2019 teaching policy


Tuition is paid by the semester, in advance, to reserve your time slot with me, and it is nonrefundable even if you stop lessons in mid-semester.  If paying the full tuition amount up front constitutes a financial hardship for you, I’m happy to split it into smaller payments, as long as it’s understood that you are still committing to lessons for the whole semester and to paying the full amount by the end of the semester.

2018-19 RATES

My 2019 teaching rate is $74/hr.  Rates increase by $2/hr each year to cover cost of living increases, as well as to honor the experience I gain over the course of every year that helps me develop into a better teacher and musician.


Lessons during the fall and spring semesters are weekly, and each student has a regular time slot, although in some cases this time slot will change between fall and spring (maybe you have a spring sports conflict, or I am trying to fit in a new student).  Holidays and vacations loosely follow the school calendar (generally there’s a week off at Thanksgiving, two weeks off for winter break, a week or two for spring break, and long weekends here and there).  You can check the start and end dates of current and upcoming semesters, and scheduled holidays and vacation weeks, at the Calendar page.


There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons for any reason, including illness.  But students are often able to make up missed lessons by stepping into a time slot left vacant by someone else’s cancellation.  To help this system work smoothly, please make sure to give as much notice as possible if you know you’ll be missing a lesson.  I’m also happy to help arrange to switch your time with someone else’s if a lesson conflict can be avoided that way.

If I have to miss a lesson for any reason, we will schedule a free makeup lesson at your convenience.  If by the end of the semester we haven’t been able to schedule the lesson, I will give you a tuition credit for the next semester, or a refund.


Summer lessons are still weekly, but they are not necessarily on the same time/day every week, and I am able to schedule around the vacations you’ve planned in advance.