a picture of Julay playing their guitar in weird sisters yarn store / bookstore in st. johns, portland, february 2020
still from music video by Sam Sanchez and Gemma Castiglione















Hi, I’m Julay! I’ve been playing music my whole life, and teaching for about 20 years.  I studied classical piano performance and musical analysis in college, followed by a full immersion in traditional music genres like bluegrass, old-time, Cajun, and rebetika, and branching off into songwriting and indie pop/folk. Lately I’ve come full circle and returned to classical piano; my current musical project is Bach’s Goldberg Variations (I’ve made it to variation 14 so far).
As a teacher, I know how to meet students where they are, teach to their learning style, and help them become the musicians they want to be. I currently offer lessons in piano and guitar, beginning to intermediate mandolin, clawhammer banjo, and ukulele, harmony singing, and music theory.
My nonmusical interests include baking, math, computer science, and literature. I used to have a radio show, called weird brunch soundtrack; here’s the archive if you’d like to listen. I am a queer trans nonbinary person and my pronouns are they/them.